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Which Liquid Level Transmitter is Best for My Application?

This is probably a question that we all ask ourselves when choosing the correct sensor solution for our applications. 

Liquid Level Transmitter

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MTS Sensors have put together a Technical Article that compares the inherent qualities of various sensor technologies, including:


► Magnetostrictive Sensors

► Hydrostatic Pressure Sensors

► Radar

► Ultrasonic / Sonic


Click here to read the "Choosing a Level Transmitter" technical article.


If you would like more information on our liquid level transmitters, visit the M-Series Model MR webpage. The Model MR is a 3-in-1 Measurement solution that measures the Product Level, Interface Level and Temperature from one process opening.


Storage Tank X-Ray Video: to watch an unique x-ray look at our transmitters in liquid level tank applications.


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Berg Johnson

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