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ABB Automation

PH, OPP, coonductivity & boiler optimization

Analytical Technology, Inc.

Water quality & toxic gas monitoring


Handheld & portable combustion & emission analyzers


Hydrogen monitors, process analyzers and leak detectors

Hydrogen is the future. We can sense it. 

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ABB Automation

Full flow meter offering, magnetic flow meters, Coriolis, Rotometer, etc.

Crane Manufacturing, Inc.

Orifice plates, flow nozzles & meter runs

Open Channel Flow

Flumes, shelters, manholes, enclosures, weirs, gauges


Open channel flow meters

Schneider Electric

Gas well head and pipline flow meters and computers

Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Thermal mass flow meters & mass vortex meters

Level & UST Leak Detection
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ABB Automation

Flange mounted level transmitters

Ametek-PMT Division

Submersible level transmitters & transducers

MTS Sensors

Liquid level monitors & systems


Ultrasonic level measurement

Ronan Engineering

UST Leak detection & level monitoring

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ABB Automation

Smart pressure transmitters, digital communication

Ametek-PMT Division

Pressure and level transmitters/transducers

Schneider Electric

Pressure, DP & multi variable transmitters

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Alloy Engineering

Thermowells & protection tubes

Pyromation, Inc.

Thermocouples, RTD's, thermisters & related equipment

Embedded & Custom Controls
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SJE Rhombus

Custom embedded control solutions

Wireless Instrumentation
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Schneider Electric

Telemetry/Remote SCADA solutions, Accutech wireless instrumentation

Panel & Signal Conditioning
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Altech Corporation

Terminal clocks & industrial panel equipment

Precision Digital

Digital panel meters, multiplexers & displays

Ronan Engineering

Annunciators, sequential event recorders & IS barriers

PLC's, Telemetry & Controls
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Future Design Controls

Recorders and controllers for temperature processes

Schneider Electric

SCADA-optimized PLCs, radios and SCADA software


Integrated PLCs with built-in operating panels

Industrial Radios
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Schneider Electric

Licenses and spread spectrum radios

SCADA Software
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ClearSCADA Software

Includes zero configuration Webserver option, Historian, Alarming and Redirection, Object Oriented Vector Graphics and wide ranged SCADA connectivity

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Onyx Valve

Pinch valves, check valves, pressure sensors and seals, expansion joints 

Environmental & Process
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Peerless Manufacturing, Co.

NOX removal, selective catalytic reduction equipment, gas, and steam purity and process separation equipment

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