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Verify utility company billing using mass flow meter

As we have all been hearing in the news, natural gas is becoming a very valuable and abundant natural resource. Almost all of this increase is due to the projected growth in shale gas production which will grow to 16.7 trillion cubic feet in 2040. Now comes the big question: how are utilities companies going to capitalize on this natural gas boom and how will consumers fare? This is where accurate natural gas measurement becomes critical both for utilitiy companies and consumers, particularly in larger gas consumming mid-to-large size facilities.


Without natural gas billing verification, mid-to-large size facilities are at the mercy of utility company billing.  To break the shackles of utility companies, mid-to-large size facilities use mass flow meters to sub-meter the natural gas entering their facility. This verifies their utlitily bill and shows billing discrepencies. This obviosly sounds like a good idea. But not many mass flow meters can accuratly measure natural gas with its changing compositions and delivery pressure.  The answer to this challenging application is to use a flow meter that can deal with the changing gas compositions and density changes caused by pressure variations.


In the September/October 2013 issue of Gases & Instrumentation Magazine, Sierra’s VP of Product Design, Scott Rouse, takes an in-depth look at sub-metering natural gas, including  challenges associated with the varying composition of biogas and the flow meter measurement solutions Sierra and Berg Johnson are committed to providing.


Read the full article here.


We hope you find this article insightful and encourage you to contact us for more information on flow meter measurement.

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