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About Berg Johnson

Berg-Johnson Associates, Inc. is a Manufacturer's Representative and Distributor for Instrumentation, SCADA,  and Controls products. Our staff of engineers, industrial electronics and controls personnel serves our clients' process measurement and control applications. Our approach is making every effort possible to deliver service, product knowledge and value. 


On our site you will find links to the websites for the various manufacturers' we represent. Each manufacturer is listed under the category of products they manufacture, ranging from Analytical, Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature to Custom Controls, PLC's, SCADA, Telemetry & Controls, Radios, Valves and Panel & Signal Conditioning. 

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Resource Center

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Liquid Level Transmitter

Liquid Level Transmitter


Biogas Whitepaper

Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow Meter Whitepaper

Flare Gas Flow Metering

Gases & Instrumentation

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Sierra Instruments' Smart Interface Program (SIP) for QuadraTherm 640i/780i mass flow meters provides end-users with a powerful feature to totalize four unique gases independently.

Learn how to set up and use this flow totalizer feature.
Get the most out of your Sierra industrial mass flow meter with the SIP features.

ABB Solutions

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